Party Rental Equipment in San Diego of exceptional Quality

Party rental equipment in San Diego offers high-quality services and equipment at competitive prices. Customers in the San Diego area can rent low-cost special event and wedding equipment rentals from the best party rental equipment in San Diego.

Tents, seats, chairs, chair covers, dinnerware, bed linen, and other items are among the items provided. All caterers, event managers, business and hotel planners, churches, and other associations in the San Diego area are encouraged to use our services.

The services provided by the firm are detailed below.

The delivery and pickup fees are calculated per mile, with a $65 minimum. Additionally, party rental equipment in san Diego provides event setup and dismantle services for its rented equipment.  It also provides a Bride and Groom service.

There may be circumstances that need the event to be rescheduled due to inclement weather; these circumstances will all be evaluated and handled appropriately. Please admire and value the fact that if you reserve an item, the money will not be reimbursed because other people may have tried to reserve that item as well.

Your rented items will be delivered to you. Our delivery fees are calculated based on the distance covered and the size of the item. We guarantee that the delivery prices will be fair and reasonable.

Special containers for china, silver, and glasses are provided to guarantee that your things arrive table ready on time. Our delivery staff is instructed to gather all of the things nicely.

Food-free rinses are required for all china, silver, and cutlery, which must be reinstalled in identical containers as when they were delivered. Furthermore, to avoid stains and mildew, linen should be kept clear of trash and dry. Chairs and tables must be dismantled and piled before being picked up.

Wax must be cleaned from candelabras and any other items to which it has been melted. Furthermore, all products must be placed in a single area before being picked up. Additional costs may apply to items that do not satisfy these requirements.

The equipment is exclusively the responsibility of the buyer. When equipment is not in use, it must be locked and stored in a secure location that is adequately protected from the elements. We do impose a fee if you don’t show up.

We strongly advise you to respect and care for rental things as you would your personal belongings. We stand forward to your full collaboration and hope that our services will meet your expectations. Thank you very much!

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